Jamie is one of the the lead pastors of Sun City Church alongside her husband. Together, they have built a youth ministry, led a youth conference, and helped equip dozens of young leaders. And now they are preparing to start a new church in Spokane, Washington.

She grew up in the mountains of Northern California in a small town that barely made it on the map. Jamie loved the trees and fresh mountain air. Her inseparable companion was a large Quarter Horse named Cajun. Together they explored the abundance of wildlife and nature at her fingertips. Her family moved to Boise, Idaho when she was in Jr High and she discovered a new love for city life.

Danny and Jamie’s paths crossed when both of them decided to enroll in the leadership school offered through their church. It was only a matter of time before sparks were flying and the two realized that they shared the same passions and dreams for the future. Their first date took place on a missions trip in Budapest, Hungary. Jamie says of the event, “It was right out of a storybook. Cobblestone paths, twinkling lights, ordering food off a menu in a different language. Absolutely beautiful! Not to mention the company!”

Jamie enjoys being a mom and spending her time creating a home for her family. One of her passions has been to teach all of her children to read and pass on a deep love for reading to them. Finding new children’s books that her kids will enjoy is one of her favorite pastimes.

Over the years, Jamie has cultivated a love for preaching, writing, and leadership. Her passion is to help young women reach their full potential and become confident in their identity in Christ.