When Trusting God is Difficult

By | February 18th, 2015|Inspiration, Uncategorized|

It was a birthday party spilling over with pink and purple, sparkly things, and 10-year-old girls. You could hear the squeals a mile away. There would be no sleeping at this slumber party! Not with all the things we had to do: paint our nails, give each other makeovers, and transform our everyday hair into [...]

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Valentine’s Day Giveaway- Feb 14th, 2015

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We are big fans of the new year around here. While the haters are bashing the resolution-makers and the resolution-makers are stealing the haters’ parking spot at the gym, we are happily cleaning out our closets, reorganizing the drawers, breaking open new journals complete with new pens, and starting the new year out fresh. If [...]

The Power of Unity

By | October 22nd, 2014|Inspiration, Uncategorized|

We were on the sidelines cheering on our 9-year-old soccer player when a player on the opposing team was injured. Without hesitation, our coach immediately shouted, "Take a knee, boys." And every boy on the team, from the strikers to the goalie, knelt down and waited as the injured boy was escorted off the field. [...]

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Good News

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What used to be dysfunctional is considered normal today. Families yell at each other. Husbands and wives fall out of love. Children disrespect their parents. Friends are only face value. Church is a club for good people. We remember "days of old" with fondness where people trusted their neighbors, took out time from their day [...]

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