Nothing is so powerful as the love of Christ to transform a life. Like light flooding into a pitch black cavern, it arrests our heart with unexpected grace and hope. Radiating through the soul, the light of redemption compels and leads us into a new way of living.

From the halls of education to the powerful sphere of politics to the stage of entertainment, there are people sitting in darkness and without recognizing it, waiting for the light of the gospel to encounter their life.

God has invited us to be part of their salvation story. He has a custom-created role for us in His mission. Written in our DNA, woven throughout our passions, displayed in our gifts is an opportunity to partner with God in redeeming people to Himself.

We see people rising out of complacency to find their purpose. We see people casting off guilt-ridden motivation to discover enjoyment in using their gifts to serve others. We see leadership identified and developed through life on life mentorship, small groups, and ministry opportunities. Like a beam of light encountering a prism, we envision individual influence, skills, and life experience being used by God to create a big impact in reaching new people groups with the message of the gospel. Upon contact, the single light explodes into a firework of colors. As the gospel reverberates into our city, region, and furthest reaches of the world, it ignites new sparks. Splintering into patterns of light that continue spreading, we see the multiplied influence of what first begins in us.

Foster kids being invited to experience a home and family. Teachers finding support and partners in their efforts to care for hurting families. The destitute discovering a second chance within a welcoming community. Stories of life, hope, and healing becoming a reality and spreading throughout the culture. New strategies of ministering to people being imagined and created. Church planters equipped and sent out. Worship leaders, youth pastors, Bible teachers, and missionaries developed and walking in their calling. We see a light radiating from us as it illuminates the way for people far from God to know Him and become like Him.

Within the next five years, we will identify and develop 500 leaders. In turn, those individuals will multiply their influence by raising up others and the impact will grow exponentially. As each one discovers their people group and steps into a God-breathed destiny, the stories of transformed lives will radically spread beyond our ability to count or capture them. What begins as a single flame in the dark will become a glowing wave of light electrifying the atmosphere and changing people forever with the love, grace, and redemptive power of Jesus.

This is our vision.

This is Us.