Having a leg or an arm fall asleep is right up there with hitting your funny bone. Seriously painful stuff. And potentially awkward if you don’t realize your leg is asleep until AFTER you try to use it.

Waking up isn’t always the greatest experience. All the snooze hitters said, “Amen!” The best of us are tempted at times to pull the covers back over our heads and drift as far away from reality as possible. Oblivion can feel safer and more enticing than real life and the responsibilities waiting.

Jesus said in John 10:10, “The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.”

God has a life planned for us that is worth getting out of bed for. But that doesn’t mean that waking up to it is easy. Like the limb that has fallen asleep and needs to get the circulation moving again, it can be painful at first.

What makes waking up to God’s purpose for our lives so hard to do?

1- It means we need to change

Once you come alive to God’s plan for your life then you are compelled to pursue it. While receiving the equivalent of a treasure map is exciting, it also interrupts everyday life. We can try to go back to the way things were before but we can’t shake the realization that there is more available. Knowing God has a divine purpose for you life is both exhilarating and unsettling all at once.

2- The way forward isn’t as clear as we would like

Psalm 119:105 tells us, “Your Word is a lamp to guide my feet and a lamp for my path.” While God leads us into the abundant life He has promised, it is typically one step at a time and not a print out of a ten-year plan. His emphasis is more on the journey than the destination. He enjoys the relational aspect of walking with us while we get fixated on crossing the finishing line. The difference between how we travel tends to create a little discomfort.

3- It feels vulnerable

Nothing bad happens when you have the covers pulled over your head. Ok, so that’s not really true…but it is easy to pretend it is. Once you step onto the cold, hard floor you don’t have any choice left but to face the world and all its uncertainties. Waking up means trying and possibly failing. There are mountains waiting to be conquered, battles waiting to be won, discoveries waiting to be made. Both beauty and pain, victory and struggle, life and death.

We can all probably admit that waking up is difficult. The promise of Jesus is that it’s worth it. A rich and satisfying life is calling. There is more than moving through empty routines or reacting to whatever comes at you. God has designed you on purpose for a purpose. He wants you to come alive to a full and vibrant life lived for His glory.

Coming alive is seeing the world through God’s eyes and experiencing the beauty of His unfolding plan. Hope invades and saturates every aspect of living because Jesus is holding out open hands of forgiveness, grace, and strength to become the person He designed you to be. Confidence replaces fear and life becomes full of possibilities.

It’s what our current sermon series is all about. If you have missed any of the messages in the Come ALIVE series, we invite you to catch up on them here. And join us this Sunday at University High School at either 9:15 or 11am for part 3!

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