We are in the middle of a sermon series at Sun City Church where we are exploring who Jesus is so that we can know him and love him more. Although we can never fully understand God, we are confident that the more we learn about him the more we actually understand ourselves (as people created in his image.) Every week we hear stories of how individual lives and families are being impacted by the revelation of who Jesus is. It is as though blind eyes are being opened and people are seeing the world in a whole new light.

Today we want to list out for you 5 ways that understanding who Jesus is can impact your everyday life…

1- Eternal Perspective

Life is busy. All the demand for our immediate attention pulls our focus into the here and now causing us to miss the bigger picture. As we spend time with Jesus, who has no beginning and no end, we start to adjust our priorities to what matter most…people and relationships.

2- Hope

Life experiences teach us not to expect too much, to settle for what we have, to grapple with the burdens we carry alone. Jesus removes the “im” from impossible. He hears our prayers and responds to us, giving us confidence that no matter what we face there is always hope.

3- Joy

Life can throw some mean punches. Just log in to Facebook and you are met with stories of heartbreak and sadness from all over the world. In the midst of all the troubles around us, Jesus offers us joy that is found through friendship with him. It is a joy that can never be stolen or diminished just as surely as he will never leave us or forsake us.

4- An example to follow

Life is full of people who think they hold the answers to everything under the moon. Jesus created the moon, so he has the upper hand. Also, he is the only person who has faced the numerous temptations of walking through life and consistently chosen to deny his flesh and honor the Father every single time. He is a proven example not just a loud voice with an opinion.

5- Help to become

A life that honors God isn’t possible without God’s help to do it. Jesus opened the door for relationship with us through his sacrificial and substitutionary death. In his extreme love for us, he didn’t stop there but offered us his hand to walk with us as we travel this road of becoming who God created us to be. It is his grace that enables us to leave the life we once knew behind and follow in his footsteps

If you would like to listen in on this sermon series, you can do so here. You can also join us for the next sermon in the series this Sunday at 10am at University High School at 12420 E 32nd Ave. We would LOVE to have you join us!