Throughout history, people have sought refuge, pursued financial gain, and established notoriety within the context of a city. The city is a gathering place for people groups. Often, there is the opportunity to experience culture. A hub forms where ideas are born and begin the process of becoming a reality. If the city ceased to exist, countless lives would be impacted. Jobs would disappear. Relationships would be severed. A whole way of doing life would be forever altered.

As believers, we are on mission to build a city within a city, a spiritual community existing within a natural community. Why? Because we have experienced the love of God, surrendered our lives to the authority of Jesus Christ, and look to His example as the standard for living. God, as the center of our lives, sets us apart from the rest of society. We are distinct because of Christ.

A people who cease to gather together will lose their identity, their voice, and eventually their place of contribution inside of society.

It is our heart that Sun City Church would be a blessing to the City of Spokane and the surrounding region, a place of redemption and hope, and a community with open arms to help people far from God know Him and become like Him.

The spiritual city of believers called the church is NOT…

a throne by which to judge others

surrounded by walls built from fear

a place to isolate ourselves from society

The city within a city IS…

a meeting place between people and God

a refuge for the weary

a community in which to grow and flourish

a place to find how your unique strengths and abilities can serve others

In the book of Nehemiah we observe the rebuilding of a city. The city of God had long been in ruins with no walls to provide protection or establish a sense of identity. God sent a man with a mission to gather the people of God, rebuild the walls, and bring honor to God’s name through a city that recognized Him as king.

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To accomplish the vision of a rebuilt city, the people needed FAITH in what they were called to do and the supernatural power of God that would enable them to do it. They needed UNITY so they could stand alongside each other, shoulder to shoulder, and each build their portion of the wall. BOLDNESS was essential as they faced opposition from those that didn’t want to see the city rebuilt. OBEDIENCE¬†was critical to establish a new identity as a people based on God’s authority. These are the same elements necessary to build the city within a city that is Sun City Church.

While Sun City Church will not open its doors until January 18th, a community is already forming. Just like every city has a distinct culture and feel, so the city that is Sun City Church has unique marks that identify us. Who we are as a community is defined by what we believe, what we value, and the mission we have embraced for our lives. We invited you to learn more about the city we are building within a city by checking out some of these links-

What we Believe

Our values: Outward Focus, Generosity, Thoughtfulness, Teamwork, and People