We see a community of believers living on mission to help people far from God know Him and become like Him. Young and old, they are engaged with their community and actively sharing the love of God with their friends, co-workers, neighbors, and whoever they might cross paths with.

We see a team of leaders committed to bridging the gap between God and unchurched people by creating services and ministries with them in mind. From the word choice in the sermon to the videos used in social media, they are thoughtfully engaging with those who are still coming to Christ.

We see a worship ministry that is skillful and engaging at leading people into focusing their hearts and minds on Jesus. Passionate, faith-filled, speak to the soul, draw out deep truths, resonate in your whole person worship that changes you.

We see a kids ministry that is the favorite part of the week with an energetic atmosphere and fun opportunities to learn about God. Where young kids fall in love with the story of what God is doing in and through their lives and are excited to serve Him.

We see small groups of people meeting in homes, coffee shops, at parks, in gyms, or wherever they can gather and grow together in their faith. These people are more than fellow sojourners on a walk of faith, they are friends and partners in the Gospel.

We see young people discovering their gifts, cultivating them, and using them to bless others and further the Kingdom of God. They are the influencers of a generation, the voices of change, the light inside of a world growing darker.

We see families becoming unified as they grow in  loving and serving each other. Dads, moms, sons, and daughters praying together, talking about what they are learning, and encouraging each other as they follow Christ.

We see broken marriages being restored, sons and daughters returning home, wounded hearts being healed, cynical spirits growing soft, unbelievers becoming curious, and those who seek truth discovering the answer in Jesus Christ.

We see teams of people going out to minister and bless the community, starting in Spokane and reaching out to the ends of the earth.

We see creative ideas being born and new ways of doing church, sharing the Gospel and ministering to people becoming a reality.

We see friends inviting friends to check out church because they are excited about what God is doing in their life and in the Sun City Community.

We see a future that only God can produce. But with our willing hearts and outstretched hands, the impossible becomes possible.

Will you join us?