Spokane, Washington is officially our home! Two weeks ago we drove our moving truck into town and unloaded all our possessions. Since then we have been getting settled, doing a little exploring, and meeting lots of new people. Our first impression of the area is that Spokane is among the friendliest cities we know. Neighbors have come out to greet us, cashiers have welcomed us to the city, even the mayor called to say hi. Just kidding, that mayor part didn’t really happen. But we have felt embraced with arms wide open, which is a good feeling after tearful goodbyes with so many people we love in Idaho.

What’s next for us?

Glad you asked. Our number one priority for the next six months is to build the launch team. We are gathering people that want to partner with us in the vision for Sun City Church. The list of tasks that need to be checked off before our launch service on January 18th at the CenterPlace Event Center is great and it requires an army to tackle it. So we are looking for anyone and everyone who is willing to help launch the dream.

Where do I sign up?

You are awesome! Launch team gatherings are coming very soon. The first one will be in July and you can sign up here to receive more info as it rolls out. Be prepared to have a lot of fun together as we get ready to open the doors come January.

I am not anywhere close to Spokane. Can I still help somehow?

Now that you mention it, YES! You could give us all your money. Just kidding, but really we do have a big financial goal we are working toward in order to purchase all the gear and equipment we need to launch Sun City Church right. Every little bit helps.

The other huge way you can help us is by spreading the word. Thanks to all of you who have already been all over this. Telling your friends and family in the area is one HUGE way to help us. If you don’t know anyone within an hour of us or have never even heard of Spokane, you can still like and share our content on Social Media. Doing so tells the algorithm that what we are sharing is important and it spreads our posts to more people.

Got it. One last question, how can I stay updated on what is going on with you guys?

You must be one of those people who are passionate about telling other people about Jesus! Sign up for our newsletter and we will send you prayer requests and updates biweekly. And if you are ever in the area, drop in and say hello. We would love to hug you in person and thank you for partnering with us to spread the gospel.