Our final core value for Sun City Church is People. If you are just now hearing about our Core Values then you might want to check out our previous post on Outward Focus, Generosity, Thoughtfulness, and Teamwork. These five values are the imprint we want stamped on everything we do as a church community. They are separate from what we believe or our ministry strategy…these values are the characteristics we want to be identified by within the city and surrounding region of Spokane, Washington.

We have adopted a saying at Sun City Church, “People are my gold.” It conveys this value for us. There are a lot of things that we can spend our time, energy, and resources on. The only thing that holds eternal value, though, is people.

Have you ever been to an arcade and exchanged your money for tokens? Because we have small children there are a lot of game tokens from various arcades floating around our house. We traded money that we could have used anywhere inside of society to purchase something that we couldn’t use outside of that particular arcade. The stray tokens leftover end up in small piles in the house waiting for the day we both return to the arcade and remember to bring the tokens.

Each of us have been given an amount of time on this earth. We make choices about what to do with our time, energy, and resources every single day. All too often, we exchange them for something that won’t leave this earth, though. Our nice houses, vehicles, toys, vacations, even careers, won’t cross the divide between temporal and eternal. Only what we invest into people will travel across that line.

At Sun City Church we want to make sure that everything we do is characterized by a value for people. It can be easy to get distracted with programs and details and lose sight of the reason we exist as a church- to help people far from God know Him and become like Him. We are planting a flag in the ground with this value of people that we want to characterize everything we do as a church. The church isn’t made up of four walls and roof but of people.

Valuing people looks like listening, understanding, and intentionally planning ministry that meets people where they are at. We are creating a weekend worship experience where friends can bring friends to introduce them to the love of God. Sun City Church will also be starting small groups throughout the city. Inside of a small group, we get to know people on a personal basis, hear their story, and step in and do life side by side. Our heart is to have a personal touch that communicates “We value people” on all that we do as a church.

If you want to hear more about this value, check out our podcast on the subject.