We are right in the middle of talking through our five core values as a church-  Outward Focus, Generosity, Thoughtfulness, Teamwork, and People. Taking time to dive into each of these values has been stirring excitement in us for what God wants to do in Spokane through Sun City Church.  A quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupery says, ” If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the immensity of the sea.” Before we head into this season of building Sun City Church in very practical ways, we want to spend time envisioning who God has called Sun City Church to be.

Thoughtfulness is the value that we debated over the most. We had a clear idea in our minds of what the value was but struggled to find a word that fit the definition. Excellence seemed overused and didn’t really convey the depth of meaning that we were looking for. What we wanted to communicate was a value for thinking through all the details. The more that we discussed the definition for thoughtfulness, the more attached we became to the word despite our concern that the word might be interpreted as overly sensitive or gushy.

Thoughtful: characterized by or manifesting careful thought, attentive, careful, mindful

This past winter, our whole family went to McCall for the weekend when we were invited to preach at Mountain Life Church. Pastors Joe and Heidi Eisenbrandt had prepared a place for us to stay while we were there. When we arrived at the cabin, we discovered that every detail of our weekend had been carefully thought through and prepared for. There was dinner cooking in the oven, dessert waiting in the freezer, games and fun activities ready for the kids, even a basket of chocolate and treats from local vendors for us to enjoy when the kids went to bed. We were beyond blessed by the thoughtfulness that went into creating such an incredible weekend for our family. It was a picture of the value that we wanted to instill into Sun City Church.

Perry Noble, pastor of Newspring Church, often says, “Every Sunday is someone’s first Sunday.” With that in mind, we want to carefully think through every detail of Sun City Church from the perspective of the person who is unfamiliar with church. From parking, to signs indicating where the bathrooms are or the children’s ministry, to coffee served, to the way we talk during the weekend worship experience…we want everything we do to be characterized by careful thought.

We talk more about this subject on our podcast (which us rookies are slowly getting better at). Check it out and feel free to send us questions or comments to podcast@suncitychurch.com