Sun City Church has 5 core values- Outward Focus, Generosity, Thoughtfulness, Teamwork, and People. These are the values that we want to characterize everything we do as a church. If Sun City Church was a person, these would be the characteristics that we would want people to know him/her by.

There is obviously a much bigger list of things that we value. Narrowing it down to these 5 core things was a difficult task. We spent a lot of time examining our own leadership and the unique way God has built us for what He has called us to do. These 5 core values reflect what we believe our strengths and calling from God are.

The first of our core values is Outward Focus. You may have already heard us repeating a quote from¬†Archbishop William Temple: “The church is the only organization that exists primarily for the benefit of non-members.” Those words resonate within us because we want to build a church community that is always thinking about the people who are still coming.

Some of the practical ways that we see that value being lived out is through how we plan our calendar and lay out our service structure. We understand that we are living in a busy culture where families and individuals are pulled many different directions. Sun City Church will work hard behind the scenes to keep things simple so that you can make time in your life to genuinely connect with your neighbors, the person at the grocery store, or the family that your kids’ play soccer with.

It has been said that a building is only as strong as the bricks that make it up. In the same way, we know that the value of Outward Focus will only characterize Sun City Church to the degree that it impacts individuals and families within the church. We have adopted 3 practical ways to live with an Outward Focus:

Bless- Every week, we are looking for someone to bless in our community. Maybe it is buying someone a cup of coffee or taking the time to genuinely compliment them. We are just looking for a way to be a blessing in someone’s life.

Eat- Sharing food with someone is one of the best ways to connect and learn about them. We are actively inviting people from the community to share a meal or a coffee with us. That might mean bringing extra food along for our picnic lunch at the soccer field so we can share with others or arriving early at an event so we can buy someone a sandwich.

Pray- We are committed to praying for the people that we connect with and being the bridge that connects their life with God. Whenever possible, we want to seize the opportunity to pray for people right then and there. Nothing weird…just simple, heartfelt prayer lifting up someone else’s needs to God.

Sun City Church is going to be a church that intentionally keeps an Outward Focus. We know that God has called us to go into our city and represent Him. Jesus didn’t wait for people to come and find Him but He intentionally left behind a more comfortable life to go where people were and introduce them to the Father. With that in mind, we are looking forward to many new friendships waiting for us in Spokane, Washington.

If you would like to hear more on this subject, check out our podcast. We will be discussing each of our core values in the weeks to come.