As many of you know, this past week our plans to start a new church in Spokane, Washington were made public. Our pastor, Steve Meistrell, announced the news during the Sunday morning message. And by afternoon, the announcement video was being shared all over Facebook. All of the support from family and friends was encouraging and such a blessing to us.

It is amazing how far social media reaches inside our society. Already we have connected with several people from Spokane who heard the news about Sun City Church through friends sharing our content. We also had the chance to sit down with a new friend this week who was born and raised in Spokane. He was able to tell us a lot more about the area and even explore some possibilities for where we will hold services starting in January. After hearing his stories and seeing some incredible pictures of Spokane’s lakes, we are excited at the thought of doing a little family camping this summer and learning more about the beautiful place we are going to call home.

So, we just want to say THANK YOU for all the support you have shown us and our family. We are excited about this journey and for what God has in store. The best is yet to come!