January is one of our favorite months. It is a time of refocusing on what is truly important and making sure that it has a prominent place in our attention, schedules, and planning for the year. We have discovered that it is easy to wander or stray from our priorities throughout the year. So we intentionally take time to remove distractions through fasting and focus in prayer on who God wants us to be and what He wants us to do in the coming year.

Our niece, Abi, got a Rainbow Loom for Christmas this year. Naturally, the kids ran off to play as the adults poured over the Instruction Book to learn how to make it work. My sister Jenni and I (Jamie) diligently followed the directions for creating a beautiful bracelet. We wrongly assumed that we were recreating the model shown. Somehow we tied the very first knot wrong and the evidence of our mistake began showing up in our work. The whole time that we thought we were creating one thing, we were actually creating something else entirely.

We have found that New Year’s Resolutions are often like that experience with the Rainbow Loom. Plans are made to diet, organize the house, read more books, tackle big challenges for the upcoming year. If attention hasn’t been given to the most important aspect of our life, our relationship with God, we find ourselves creating something that looks entirely different that we had planned. Our relationship with God is the first knot in creating the bracelet of life. When we get that wrong, everything else will be affected by it.

So, we take January to make the main thing in our lives the MAIN THING by committing to a season of prayer and fasting. Not only does it bring everything into focus, but it also creates unity among each other as we stand together in prayer for God to move among us. We hope you will join us by downloading this Prayer Guide and spending a few minutes each day praying for the points highlighted.

We have left the decision on fasting up to you and/or your family preferences. Some people choose to fast media, music, sugar, or various other things. The point being, though, to get out of your normal routine, separate yourself from distractions, and focus your attention on your relationship with God. Our prayer is that God would refresh you with His grace, strengthen you in His joy, and stir up your faith for the good works that He has planned for you to do in 2014.

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them. Ephesians 2:10 (NAS)

Download our Prayer and Fasting Plan 2014